Print coupons still rule, though online and mobile coupons are throwing up

Shoppers are still married to their imitation coupons, even in a digital age. But online and mobile banking use is throwing adult interjection to technology. Tricia Lynn Silva Reporter/Project Coordinator- San Antonio Business Journal Email  | Twitter  | Google+ In box we haven’t noted it on your calendar yet, Sep is National Coupon Month. And in respect […]

A Look at September Fashion Magazines

What’s up? Are you all ready for Fashion Week? So listen, I spent the weekend catching up on your hefty September issues, and I must say I felt a little let down. Baffled, even. But I’m sure you won’t mind a few quibbles from a regular old reader, now that you all are doing so […]

The destiny of mobile wallets is … digital coupons (study)

Nobody likes to pay, though everybody likes a good deal. That’s a end of a new investigate of digital wallets, according to mobile selling tech organisation Vibes. Which means that disaster of flyers on your front doorway could shortly be transposed by a smarter set of customized and personalized digital flyers in your Apple Passbook […]

How to get children to read? Embrace the e-book

Despite fears digital literacy could overshadow children’s reading skills, studies show that kids are delving into the literary world more than ever through eBooks, electronic readers, and audio books. By Susan Sachs Lipman, Guest blogger / August 22, 2013 Assistant Director of the Durango Public Library Sandy Irwin shows the different models of eReaders that are […]

Kickstarter Campaign Beats Google to Password Jewelry

The black rags on these rings censor RFID chips that can store strings of information used to substantiate (Credit: John McLear) We’ve famous given Jan this year that Google is experimenting with regulating earthy tokens such as USB keys or even valuables to take a place of passwords (see “Google Wants to Replace Your Passwords […]

Turn Old Gadgets Into Cash: A Guide to Selling Electronics Online

If we were to demeanour in your closet or garage, what kind of aged electronic skeletons would we find? In mine, we found a Rio MP3 player, a BlackBerry Curve 8900, an iBook and other corpse from my gadget-loving past. Rather than vouchsafing your aged inclination collect dirt or throwing them out, that is an […]

How the fashion industry thrives without IP protection


  In this TED Education video, media maven Johanna Blakeley looks at the effects of intellectual protection on various industries and shows how less protection encourages creativity, innovation, and dollars. The chart (above) clipped from her TED talk (below) shows the relative size of low-IP industries on the left (food, automobiles, fashion) versus high-IP industries […]

How the high-tech culture has changed dining

At Farmshop,which opened in June in Larkspur, the 50 seat bar is only 20 seats shy of the main dining room. John Storey/Special to the San Francisco Chronicle When you really stop to think about it, the basic premise of restaurants have been among the businesses least affected by the Internet.  After all you can’t […]

Like selling during internal businesses? Now we can deposit in them, too

A newly shaped association shaped in Seattle creates it easy to put your income to work in a internal economy. By David Rutherford, YES! Magazine / August 8, 2013 The group during Community Sourced Capital (left to right): Brent Cochran, Rachel Maxwell, Meryl McDonald, Casey Dilloway, and Alex Mondau. The lender, founded in 2012, uses throng […]