Scammers exploit the confusion over new health insurance law

One of the more controversial and confusing provisions of the law, and one that con artists might try to exploit, is the provision that requires most Americans to maintain “minimum essential” health insurance coverage. A just-released Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that about half of respondents do not understand how the law will affect their […]

US moves to ease employers’ Obama health-law burden

By Kim Dixon WASHINGTON | Thu Sep 5, 2013 6:46pm EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday issued proposed rules aimed at easing the requirements for companies and insurers when they report employees’ health coverage information to comply with President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law. The proposed regulations are a key element […]

Mass. firms mull cuts in health benefits

WASHINGTON — Some Massachusetts companies are considering trimming employee insurance benefits as they prepare to implement provisions of President Obama’s health care overhaul, a move that follows announcements by several national firms that they plan to cut coverage, according to business leaders. In recent weeks, UPS and Delta Airlines, among others, have said they would […]

Employers Get Leeway on Health Incentives

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration issued a final rule on Wednesday that gives employers greater leeway to use employee wellness programs, with financial rewards and penalties for workers worth up to 50 percent of the premium as an incentive to exercise, quit smoking, lose weight, eat more healthful food and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. […]

Immigrant Children

Barriers preventing immigrant children and their families from getting health insurance coverage are one significant “health toll of immigration” not cited in your May 19 front-page article that warrants increased attention. One in every four children in the United States lives in an immigrant family, and 89 percent of these children are United States citizens. […]

Beware of Hysteria Over New Health-Insurance Rates

Last month, Maryland made public the premiums that health insurers want to charge next year under the Affordable Care Act, one of the first states to do so. Premiums for non-employer health-insurance coverage were eye-popping, with a proposed average increase of 25 percent. As insurers submit their proposals in every state this spring, a pattern […]

Obamacare is ramping up a health-care turf war

<!– Text Size Print Reprints –> Welcome to Health Reform Watch, Sarah Kliff’s regular look at how the Affordable Care Act is changing the American health-care system — and being changed by it. You can reach Sarah with questions, comments and suggestions here. Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons for the latest edition […]

Walking the Tightrope on Mental Health Coverage

In the days after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, parents and politicians took to the airwaves to make broad-based proclamations about the sorry state of mental health care in America. But a closer look reveals a more nuanced view, with a great deal of recent legislative progress as well as plenty of infuriating coverage gaps. […]

After Newtown shootings, questions about mental health insurance coverage

In his speech at the memorial service for the Newtown victims, President Barack Obama included mental health in calling for a national response to the massacre, a conversation that so far has focused on gun control. “I will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens — from law enforcement to mental […]