Myths and Realities of the Health Care Affordability Problem

According to the five-second rule, you can still eat your food that has fallen on the floor, so long as you picked it up within five seconds. Only, this common perception is bad advice. In reality, if a person eats food that has fallen on a dirty floor, he risks getting sick because it only […]

Health Care Measures Everything Except What Really Matters To Seniors

Shutterstock As board chair of a community hospital, I am often confronted with the dozens of quality and safety measures that state and federal regulators use to score and pay us, and private organizations use to rate us. And as someone who works to improve the quality of care for older adults, I am struck […]

Short-term health plans don’t cover preexisting conditions

When one of Cindy Holtzman’s clients told the Woodstock, Ga., broker he was considering dropping his Affordable Care Act plan because next year’s cost approached $23,000 for his family of four, she suggested a new option: a back-to-back set of four, 90-day short-term plans, which would effectively give them a modicum of medical coverage for […]

Generation at risk: America’s youngest facing mental health crisis

Toddlers can suffer from depression

Alex Crotty was just 11 when things started feeling wrong. It wasn’t just a matter of being unhappy. She always felt empty and miserable — never content or connected to other children. For years, she suffered alone, filled with shame. She switched schools, but that didn’t help. Play Facebook Twitter Embed autoplay autoplay “I didn’t […]

Mecca wildfire prompts environmental health alert for CVUSD schools and nearby residents

CLOSE Heavy winter rainfall left extra vegetation across California. The vegetation dried up and became the perfect fuel for wildfires, officials say. They’ve already responded to more wildfires through July 9 than they did a year ago. Colin Atagi/The Desert Sun Riverside County Fire(Photo: Desert Sun file photo)   Concerned that airborne debris from a […]

UnitedHealth Buys Large Doctors Group as Lines Blur in Health Care

The proposed acquisition comes after the announcement that another big insurer, Aetna, planned to merge with CVS Health. That transaction, if approved, could transform CVS’s 10,000 drugstores into community-based health care “hubs,” where people could get blood tests or help managing a chronic disease like diabetes. Executives at Aetna and CVS said that this new […]

Brainstorm Health: GOP Tax Plan and Obamacare, Trump Health Pick and Drug Prices

Hello, readers! This is Sy. The contours of the GOP tax plan currently making its way through Congress are in flux. But the sprawling bill from the U.S. Senate would, in addition to reshaping individuals’ and corporations’ tax rates, also have broad effects on American health care—including millions in insurance coverage losses and premium hikes, […]

Answers to Every Possible Thanksgiving Health Question

When dealing with opinionated family members, how much alcohol is too much? Has anyone’s stomach actually burst from eating too much? Why am I apparently unable to digest entire kernels of corn? Article source:

Pledge to boost mental health support in schools

Image copyright Getty Images Children and young people in England are to be able to access mental health support at school or college under government plans to improve services. The proposals include introducing a four-week waiting time for youngsters needing specialist support and new mental health support teams in schools. It is hoped around one […]

Mental health issues increasing as Sonoma County enters new phase of fires’ aftermath

The chart, which tracks emotional highs and lows, shows the period of disillusionment, with slight dips and rises caused by “trigger events,” lasting all the way to the anniversary of the disaster. From then on it’s an emotional climb toward the period of “reconstruction.” Doreen Van Leeuwen, a licensed marriage and family therapist and specialist […]