Oklahoma health officials warn of dire budget consequences

For 66-year-old Richard Boston, an Army veteran who has been disabled for more than 20 years, Oklahoma’s Advantage program is a lifeline that allows him to continue living in his modest home in southwest Oklahoma City. The state-funded program provides volunteers who do light housework and run errands. It also gives out medical equipment like […]

Senators close to bipartisan deal on health exchanges: Schumer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two U.S. senators from both parties are close to finalizing a bipartisan deal to shore up the health insurance exchanges created under Obamacare, the chamber’s top Democrat said on Thursday. The move, which Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said was “on the verge” of completion, would stabilize the market for individuals who […]

Jimmy Kimmel’s Rise as a Reluctant Health-Care Crusader

Back during the George W. Bush Administration, when Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” was being heralded, and in some corners derided, as the place where “young people got their news,” Stewart himself would always bristle. If that were true, he’d joke, then the country was really screwed. Behind the joke was a deeper point, in which […]

What Makes Singapore’s Health Care So Cheap?

Singapore’s health system also has a mix of public and private health care delivery organizations. There are private and public hospitals, as well as a number of tiers of care. There are five classes: A, B1, B2+, B2 and C. “A” gets you a private room, your own bathroom, air-conditioning and your choice of doctor. […]

Republicans add money, insurers’ flexibility to health bill

Top Republicans added billions of extra dollars and eased coverage requirements to their effort to repeal the Obama health care law, as party leaders labored Monday to stave off defeat in a Senate showdown this week. The updated measure would add $14.5 billion and mean added funds for states including Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Maine and […]

After single payer failed, Vermont embarks on a big health care experiment

ENOSBURG FALLS, Vt. — Doug Greenwood lifted his shirt to let his doctor probe his belly, scarred from past surgeries, for tender spots. Searing abdominal pain had landed Greenwood in the emergency room a few weeks earlier, and he’d come for a follow-up visit to Cold Hollow Family Practice, a big red barnlike building perched […]

Trump health secretary to repay cost of private jet travel

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price promised on Thursday to repay the nearly $52,000 cost of his seats on private charter flights, as expensive air travel by Trump administration officials drew sharp scrutiny from Congress. “Today, I will write a personal check to the U.S. Treasury for the expenses of […]

Jimmy Kimmel Accused a Senator of Lying About His Health Care Bill. Who’s Right?

Mr. Kimmel said the bill would cut $243 billion in funding, but Mr. Cassidy claimed some states would see “billions more.” The Congressional Budget Office has not provided a score of the bill yet, but three groups have recently released estimates. Mr. Kimmel cited the highest of the three, which comes from the left-leaning Center […]

How health-care reform affected America, in 51 graphs

Mario Henderson leads chants of “Save Medicaid,” as other social service activists, Medicaid recipients and their supporters stage a protest outside the building that houses the offices of Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) on June 29 in Jackson, Miss. (Rogelio V. Solis/Associated Press) Last year, 8.6 percent of Americans lacked health insurance. Three years earlier, that […]

New version of health-care bill will help Alaska and Maine — home of two holdout senators

The Republican senators at the forefront of the latest effort to undo the Affordable Care Act released a revised version of their bill Monday sending more health-care dollars to the states of key holdouts, as hardening resistance from several GOP senators left their proposal on the verge of collapse. According to a summary obtained by […]