Shelby Township valuables store burglarized early today

Thieves done off with thousands of dollars in valuables early currently after violation into a Shelby Township valuables store, according to police. The owners of Elegant Creations during 50704 Schoenherr, in a piazza only south of 23 Mile Road, is perplexing to yield detectives with a outline of what’s missing, Shelby Township Police Lt. Michael […]

The Cannes Heist: Who Did It?

Like The Daily Beast on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates all day long. Dana Kennedy, a former match for ABC News, Fox News and MSNBC, who also writes for a The New York Times, a Financial Times, a International Herald Tribune, Time repository and People, among others, is formed in Europe. For […]

Police questioning valuables store heist concentration on video

A weird spoliation during a Fairfield valuables store Friday is a latest in a array of high-profile gem heists in Fairfield County. Yekutiel Zeevi, a 65-year-old owners of Y.Z. Jewelry in Westport, was killed in 2011 by a former Army ranger who done off with $300,000 in diamonds and overwhelmed off an general manhunt. Fairfield […]

Crime Of The Week: A Jewelry Store Heist

COLUMBUS, Ohio – This week’s Crime Of The Week involves a burglary of scarcely $25,000 in diamonds. According to Columbus Police, during about 10:15 a.m. Friday Oct 5, 2012 a masculine entered a Diamonds Forever valuables store located during 5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, and began seeking questions about some valuables in a box towards a […]

Thieves pile-up stolen automobile into store & take jewelry

Thieves pile-up a stolen automobile into a valuables store and get divided with some china and gold. It happened this morning in Hutchinson and military are still looking for 3 group tonight. In a notice video a automobile comes barreling by a front of R. Westphal Jewelers, 3 masked group get out, they start outstanding […]

Christmas robbers net $200000 in wiring in San Bernardino

San Bernardino military were acid for dual group believed to be obliged for a Christmas morning heist. At about 4:30 a.m., dual gunmen tied adult a confidence ensure operative during Cajon Distribution Center, 7010 N. Cajon Blvd., military said. They connected a tractor to a trailer reportedly filled with wiring and gathering away. The trailer […]