Cattlewomen left no children, but left a legacy

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — Cattlewoman and philanthropist Clara Driscoll never had children. Yet in her twilight, she yearned to help South Texas children afflicted with polio and stricken with tuberculosis — those being turned away from hospitals with few treatment options. Driscoll traveled the world, helped to preserve the Alamo, wrote plays performed in […]

EPEAT immature wiring registry adds printers, copiers

EPEAT green electronics registry adds printers, copiers

Electronics companies that make energy-efficient printers and scanners that are giveaway of poisonous materials are expected to get a boost in sales, interjection to EPEAT opening adult a product registry to embody imaging equipment. EPEAT, a worldwide registry for greener electronics, announced a enlargement over computers and displays on Monday. The registry will now embody […]