Dining, dancing and parade launch Mushroom Festival 2013

Be aware that on Friday, State Street will close at 4 p.m. between Walnut and Garfield and will not reopen until Sunday night. By having the street continuously closed, vendors will be able to set up their tents late Friday night without having to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, she said. […]

Apple adds new rules on children’s apps to iOS developer guidelines

Apple has paved the way for the launch of its new Kids category on its App Store by adding new rules for children‘s apps to its developer guidelines. The newly-added “Kids Apps’ section of Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines sets out the company’s policy on privacy, advertising and use of in-app purchases in iOS apps […]

Children ‘more likely to have can of pop than eat enough fruit and vegetables’

Children are more likely to have a can of a sugary drink a day than eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, and the vast majority have less than an hour’s exercise, according to a new report. The British Heart Foundation is very concerned that the lifestyles of modern children are setting them up for […]

Launch of Health-Care Exchanges Around Corner

With just two months until the Oct. 1 deadline for states and the federal government to have their health-care exchanges up and running, now’s the time for consumers to learn how their insurance plans will operate under the Affordable Care Act. The individual mandate, which requires every U.S. citizen to either have health care or […]

Play a Battleship-style diversion on Google Glass while shopping, strolling

Walking around a pool on a pleasing summer day is only as tedious as grocery selling – though never fear, Google Glass is here. Mobile app developer Brick Simple used a Mirror API to emanate GlassBattle, a two-player, turn-based, synchronous Battleship-style diversion on Google Glass. GlassBattle isn’t accessible to a Google Glass open yet, though […]

How Fashion Brands Are Using Vine

The fashion industry immediately embraced Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video app, after it launched in February. It was no surprise Vine was suddenly so popular: The app was released just two weeks before New York Fashion Week kicked off, a time when behind-the-scenes runway shots were readily available to capture and share in 6-second loops. But […]

SFMade brands pop-up during Westfield Shopping Centre

EJ Tanu, owners and owners of DripModule poses with his clocks for a portrait. DripModule is one of 6 SFMade brands that will underline products in a Westfield Shopping Centre this Summer. Photo: Pete Kiehart Stylish pet food bowls, clocks and tables tone a second building of a Westfield Shopping Centre and will by a […]

Given same opportunities as others, children with disabilities can be agents …

Print 30 May 2013 – Children with disabilities have the same rights as all children but are some of the most invisible and marginalized people in the world according to a United Nations report released today, which cites recommendations on how to actively include children with disabilities in civic, social and cultural affairs so that […]

CrunchWeek: The ‘Bang With Friends’ Buzz, Yahoo’s Acqui-hire Shopping Spree …

After a one-week interregnum due to Disrupt (did we skip us?) we’re behind in a reliable TechCrunch TV studio with a code new part of CrunchWeek, a uncover where a few of us writers discuss adult a many engaging stories from a past 7 days. This week, Greg Kumparak, Anthony Ha and we talked about […]

The Coolest New Fashion Magazine

System, a new publication run out of Paris, has a very imposing masthead. Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman of Ever Manifesto (and, up until recently, Industrie magazine), Jonathan Wingfield, the former Editor of Numéro, and Thomas Lenthal, art director and publisher of cult French art/fashion bible Paradis, have all joined forces to launch the […]