Brazen Diamond Heist Inside Naperville Jewelry Store

Brazen Diamond Heist Inside Naperville Jewelry Store

Surveillance fasten prisoner this think wanted in a solid heist in Naperville. (Credit: Naperville Police) NAPERVILLE (CBS) — Police are charity a prerogative of adult to $1,000 for information about 3 people suspected of hidden diamonds from a west suburban valuables emporium final week. The whole hop was held on notice tape. Surveillance fasten prisoner […]

A box as cold as ice: Million-dollar Plaza valuables burglary stays unsolved

Three years ago in a diminutive hours on Labor Day, burglars looted an estimated million dollars in valuables from Vinca Jewelry in a Country Club Plaza by defilement into a use corridor, bashing by a petrify wall and rupturing into a steel protected usually inside a store. Nobody’s been caught. And unless something changes radically […]

Crundwell’s valuables sells during auction


An auction of valuables that belonged to former Dixon administrator Rita Crundwell, hold in Fort Worth, Texas and online on Saturday lifted $258,000. The top bid was for a men’s horseshoe ring that sole for $12,000. The bullion ring has 14 diamonds and is engraved with Crundwell’s initials and a name of one of her […]