Brazen Diamond Heist Inside Naperville Jewelry Store

Brazen Diamond Heist Inside Naperville Jewelry Store

Surveillance fasten prisoner this think wanted in a solid heist in Naperville. (Credit: Naperville Police) NAPERVILLE (CBS) — Police are charity a prerogative of adult to $1,000 for information about 3 people suspected of hidden diamonds from a west suburban valuables emporium final week. The whole hop was held on notice tape. Surveillance fasten prisoner […]

Reported Springfield armed home advance nets gun, money and jewelry

SPRINGFIELD — Springfield detectives are questioning a reported home advance Sunday morning in that a plant pronounced 3 group wearing black hoodies and white masks, identical to those used in a “Scream” movies, detonate into his Helberg Road home, waking him and afterwards robbing him during gunpoint. Springfield Police Capt. Harry Brown pronounced military responded […]

Police questioning valuables store heist concentration on video

A weird spoliation during a Fairfield valuables store Friday is a latest in a array of high-profile gem heists in Fairfield County. Yekutiel Zeevi, a 65-year-old owners of Y.Z. Jewelry in Westport, was killed in 2011 by a former Army ranger who done off with $300,000 in diamonds and overwhelmed off an general manhunt. Fairfield […]