On eve of Fashion Week, designer Michael Kors expands his empire

Kors says he’s driven by perfection, and that means a total look. “Beauty is always such an important part of my runway. When we put on a fashion show — after this many years — I’ve learned the layers and the steps. When I first start thinking mood of the season, beauty is part of […]

Nails are simply dressed adult these days with jewelry-like shields and no-fuss …

Although there have been rumblings about spike art fatigue, a presentation of jewelry-like spike shields and increasingly surprising and easy-to-apply spike embellishments seems to vigilance that decadent talons are here to stay. Given a everlasting mania with hand-held digital devices, fingernails sojourn in a spotlight. So no warn that spike art has been towering to […]

Fashion that binds family to charities

Just weeks ago, Dave and Suzette Munson were in Rwanda spending precious time with kids orphaned by that country’s genocide in 1994. As they common meals, shopped and only hung out with a immature adults — now in their late teenagers and early 20s — a couple, who revisit twice a year with their possess […]

Why Hillary Clinton Is Fashion’s Favorite Candidate

Michael Kors announced today that he’ll present Hillary Clinton with his first-ever eponymous award for Outstanding Community Service at the annual Golden Heart Awards in October, WWD reports. This marks the second time this year that Clinton will come to New York for a fashion-heavy, celebrity-studded event on the arm of a renowned designer. In June, she was the […]

A Disguise for When You Want to Be Seen

He paired it with a clashing palette of white and safety orange that would make a crossing guard proud. The various camouflages might have been cribbed from the Army, but the patterns and fine tailoring were far from military issue. “I sought to use camouflage as any other print or motif,” Mr. Van Noten said, […]

Fashion Week questions answered (truthfully)

NEW YORK – Even before I return from New York Fashion Week, I can predict the questions from friends and colleagues: “What was your favorite show?” “Did you see any celebrities?” “What was the highlight of the week?” I’m always ready for them with a stack of rehearsed answers. Favorite? “Marc Jacobs.” Celeb? “Yes I […]

Coupons to reduce Kate Spade & Coach to underneath $100

<!– –> Tweet – A A A + <!– –> ST. LOUIS – we doubt today’s understanding round-up needs most of an introduction. In my query to save we as most income as possible, we hinted that we’d see some vital cost drops overnight. You responded with hundreds of purse code requests. Topping a list: […]

‘Wardrobe Wakeup’: Fashion after 40

The key phrase in this book comes on page 64 — “Fashion life after 40.” This is what “The Wardrobe Wakeup” promises and provides. Former fashion editor Lois Joy Johnson has written a helpful handbook for those of us 40 and above who sometimes haunt modern department stories, thinking the pretty clothes are only for […]