Middleman reduces waste, keeps charities going strong

Chicago (CNN) — Even in a best of times, using a gift isn’t easy. Try doing it during a recession. “Individual giving has declined. Foundations, that give us funding, have mislaid income and can’t give what they have in a past,” pronounced Jim LoBianco, executive executive of StreetWise Inc., a Chicago nonprofit that assists group […]

Is Your Fashion Brand Looking To Move Into Eyewear? Time To Meet Eponym.

When looking at disruption in the eyewear space, most people talk about Warby Parker. That is because Warby Parker is cutting out the middleman and selling eyewear directly to consumers. However, there is a new disruptor in town and its name is Eponym. When Richard Ray Ruiz and Andrew Lipovsky were starting their company, Eponym, […]

Live Wire: Many charities will take car donations – Fayetteville Observer

RELATED: Catherine Pritchard Q: Is there anyplace we can present a lorry and get some taxation service for it? – A.S. Sanford A: There are lots of such places – too many, in fact, to list here. They embody all from open radio stations to median houses. The National Kidney Foundation was one of a […]

Report: Charities See Only 35 Cents For Each Dollar Raised

LANSING (WWJ) – A new news from a State Attorney General’s Office says a pull that charities use to interest donations is indeed removing some-more money than a charities themselves. The state’s initial annual Professional Fundraising Charitable Solicitation Report found that charities collect an normal of usually thirty-five cents for each dollar lifted by veteran fundraisers soliciting donations […]