Police: $3200 rendezvous ring allegedly swallowed during attempted valuables …

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Police contend they’ve got a $3,200 rendezvous ring a New Hampshire male allegedly swallowed during an attempted valuables store theft. Authorities charged 52-year-old Ronald Perley with burglary and equivocating earthy justification after they contend X-rays showed a 14-karat white-gold ring with princess-cut diamonds inside him.  WMUR-TV reports Manchester military had recovered a […]

Health care tax credits – USA Today

About 26 million Americans will be eligible for tax credits to help them buy health insurance under the 2010 health care law. Alabama: 346,270 Alaska: 68,910 Arizona: 569,750 Arkansas: 281,580 California: 2,995,610 Colorado: 466,370 Connecticut: 233,320 Delaware: 57,310 District of Columbia: 41,890 Florida: 1,730,340 Georgia: 802,610 Hawaii: 71,350 Idaho: 160,330 Illinois: 957,440 Indiana: 514,780 Iowa: […]