Coupons: Got an app for that?

There are many banking apps for intelligent phone users to enjoy, though are all banking apps protected and reliable? Not exactly. Anyone can emanate an app, and only since an app exists or is renouned doesn’t meant a app is certified by stores or manufacturers. I’m wakeful of several banking apps that are controversial from […]

Saving Centsablty: Using digital coupons

Many stores have begun charity coupons that need reduction writing and some-more clicking (or tapping) for best savings. In many stores, a capability to indicate a smartphone and have some income deducted from your check has existed for utterly a while. But these days, digital banking use is flourishing and is approaching to continue to […]

Issues with regulating e-Vic coupons AND paper coupons during Harris Teeter

  As many of we have posted this week, some Harris Teeter stores are indicating that they do NOT concede a use of a Harris Teeter e-Vic digital banking AND a paper manufacturer’s coupon. we reached out to corporate per a matter and here is a response we perceived from a Communication Manager. “I spoke […]

Coupons’ purpose shifts as market, buyers evolve

In a heart of a recession, a United States became a coupon-crazy country, clipping, copy and downloading billions of coupons a year. That’s still true, though a banking attention is quick evolving, attracting younger users and some-more men, as good as zapping out some-more digital and mobile versions of a classical cents-off paper coupon. “Years […]

Coupons’ purpose shifts as market, buyers evolve

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Jill Cataldo: Pair e-coupons with paper coupons

Dear Jill: we do not have a idea what we meant by “load-to-card e-coupons.” What card, where do we get a label and how do we bucket them? How do we bucket e-coupons around a Internet? — Jean   Dear Jean: E-coupons are simply electronic coupons, that are identical to paper coupons. You can use […]

Moving Products: Understanding Coupons

I have been asked in to deliberate with a series of companies (agencies, start ups, media platforms) to assistance them with their banking offerings for CPG brands. There seems to be a vital disconnect between companies that wish to advise coupons as partial of programs or platforms and a simple bargain of how coupons work. […]