At 65, Michel Richard Is Tackling the New York Dining Scene

And he is not arriving on tiptoe: Pomme Palais, his pastry shop and cafe, is set to open this month at the New York Palace hotel, and two restaurants in the hotel will follow. The prospect of starting anew here at this stage in his career, he acknowledged, is somewhat daunting. “I’m not known in […]

Luxury cruise fails surprise health inspection

(CNN) — A surprise inspection by the Centers for Disease Control has resulted in a failing grade for one of the plushest cruise ships afloat. According to a report by the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program, the cruise ship Silver Shadow was cited repeatedly for using an “organized effort” to remove 15 trolleys of food from […]

Dine: Chef Chris O’Brien has shaped Pittsburgh dining by training a new …

An orange utility cord snakes down a hallway across the concrete floor at Restaurant Echo in Cranberry. Past a wide delivery door, it leads to a smoker, in which rows of bone display marrow as it takes on the flavor of apple wood. “We smoke eggs, bacon, all sorts of things,” said executive chef Brian […]

Dining out: The lowdown on Bittersweet Treats

My mother preferred cooking gourmet main dishes to baking sweets. She’d much rather make a stuffed pork roll than an iced cinnamon roll. But every once in a while I’d come home from school to the aroma of spice cake or poppy seed bread. Rarely frosted, these treats were simple and satisfying. Pastry chef Danielle […]