How Fashion Brands Are Using Vine

The fashion industry immediately embraced Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video app, after it launched in February. It was no surprise Vine was suddenly so popular: The app was released just two weeks before New York Fashion Week kicked off, a time when behind-the-scenes runway shots were readily available to capture and share in 6-second loops. But […]

Dining at Harris’, the Palace and starting to retrace the Top 100

Steak is on the menu at Harris’ Steakhouse. The San Francisco Chronicle 2003 I had two significant dining experiences this week.  The first was a party for 18 in the private dining room at Harris’, where they set a big square table so everyone could see everyone else. The hors d’oeuvres — crab cakes, chicken […]

Fashion Week: Former Cover Model Now Does His Work Behind The Lens

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