Health insurance marketplaces are not for seniors

While the Obama administration is encouraging uninsured Americans to enroll in health coverage on the new online insurance marketplaces, federal officials are planning a campaign to persuade millions of seniors to please stay away — don’t call and don’t sign up. “We want to reassure Medicare beneficiaries that they are already covered, their benefits are […]

Arkansas plan shows that health care law’s Medicaid expansion leaves …

In an unexpected move, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently agreed to a proposal by Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe (D) to reject the Medicaid expansion and instead use federal money to buy private health insurance for the 200,000 people who would have been covered under the expansion. That kind of arrangement could be […]

Want to Help Fix Health Care? Start by Watching a Movie Tonight

I’m often asked what I think of Obamacare. I tell people it’s as good as far as it goes. It will provide coverage for millions of uninsured Americans, and it will make many of the most egregious practices of the health insurance industry a thing of the past, like dropping people from coverage when they […]

2012′s health news dominated by politics, personalities

Politics, personalities and public health threats dominated medicals news in 2012, with research advances taking a backseat. A laboratory technician packages cerebrospinal fluid of a confirmed meningitis case Oct. 9 in St. Paul. The package was prepared to be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for further testing.(Photo: Hannah Foslien, […]