Roxbury Central School Electronics Recycling Program

Roxbury Central School will be hosting a 3-day wiring recycling module on Thursday, Aug 1st by Saturday, Aug 3rd, from 9 AM—2 PM during a Roxbury Bus Garage. This module is open to all village members.   RCS will accept a few cents for each bruise recycled.  Proceeds from a expostulate will be donated to a […]

Electronics sales flat, though inscription and smartphones soar

It seems counterintuitive, though a nation’s stability mercantile liberation might outcome in sum consumer spending on wiring being prosaic this year. The reason: Upbeat buyers have their sights set on bigger-ticket items, including vehicles and homes. Still, wiring makers have copiousness of highlights, with double-digit income increases for smartphones, tablets and intelligent TVs approaching this […]

New anathema prohibits residents from throwing out electronics

Looking out during a stockyard in front of his warehouse, Scott Dassler ticked by a list of how roughly all in front of him could be recycled, from a energy lines to a steel siding to a timber blockade posts, if someone put onward a bid to fragment them. “There unequivocally is no need for […]

New Law Requires Old Electronics To Be Recycled

DENVER (CBS4)- In only a integrate of months aged televisions and mechanism monitors will no longer be authorised in dumpsters and landfills. A new law that goes into outcome in Jul will need that all aged wiring be recycled. Those who place those equipment on a quell for rabble pickup will instead find a immature […]

Grant to foster wiring recycling in Illinois

<!– –> Tweet – A A A + <!– –> CHICAGO (AP) – Forty-nine counties in Illinois will get $2,000 any in extend income from a state to foster open recognition of wiring recycling programs. Gov. Pat Quinn announced a awards Saturday and pronounced it was his approach of celebrating Earth Month. Quinn says a appropriation […]

Best Buy’s Problems Aren’t Its Own, Electronics Have Fallen From Favor

 (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images around @daylife) This might come as a outrageous surprise, though wiring aren’t a prohibited gifts they once were. TVs, computers, home theater, video games… sales are in decline. Best Buy might have copiousness of problems though there’s one that’s not of a possess creation — wiring in ubiquitous have depressed from […]