Tech vlogger mixes adult tampons and pads in his Amazon Go selling outing video

A tech video blogger might know his routers from his modems, though when it comes to delicate hygiene products he’s woefully confused. 

Linus Sebastian from a Vancouver-based Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel and online forum done his approach to a newly non-stop Amazon Go store in Seattle to check out a cashier-less grocery store. His journey enclosed purchasing snacks, drinks, and duration products. 

A YouTube video about a selling knowledge went adult this weekend, though strangely Linus Tech Tips labeled a video “We Stole Tampons from a Cashier-less Amazon Go Store.” In a heading of a video a tech blog even enclosed a couple to buy tampons from Amazon.

But Sebastian didn’t buy tampons —  in a video he opted for a Always Infinity pads. Even via a 13-minute prolonged video he called them pads, not tampons. The confusion appears to be in a labeling and post-production. 

In a livestream video response, Sebastian addressed a “tampongate” mistake — during length — after his video went viral.

Twitter wasn’t about to let someone make this gigantic of a mistake. Sebastian was called out, mostly for being an out-of-touch tech bro. 

Also his “artistic license” forgive does not fly.

Another oversight in a video is a explain “we stole” from Amazon’s all-seeing and all-knowing store. If we watch a video, he tries to dope a “just travel out” record by picking adult a pads, putting a box on a shelf full of ethanol and afterwards picking it adult again. But when he checks out, a pads are on his digital receipt — he did not successfully take them. 

It’s usually following that he exploits a Amazon Go respect complement of “returning” an object by dark it from your receipt. This is ostensible to be used for erroneously charged items, though he clicks it anyways for a pads that he has in his hands. Since he didn’t finish adult indeed profitable for them, that’s ostensible to count as dark from Amazon Go. Not that accurate.

Even if a video is cryptic with a blatant negligence for a nuances of delicate product caring and bonafide emporium lifting, it does give an inside perspective into a Amazon Go selling knowledge from a app-enabled entrance gates to a vast preference of beverages available.

But still, as menstruating women know, a pad is not a tampon. 

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