The Atomo Modular Electronics System is like LEGO for electronics

One of a hardest things about Raspberry Pi and Arduino is reckoning out where to hang all a pieces. While both of these systems work good alone – we can have a lot of fun with only a house and an Internet tie – it’s also fun to supplement small things like printers and screens to make fun projects. That’s where a Atomo comes in.

This modular pack comes from Jonathan Buford, a Hong Kong-based maker, and it’s approved by Arrow Electronics, a vital manufacturer.

“Atomo is a deputy for Arduino and an appendage for Raspberry Pi,” pronounced Buford. He hopes to make it easier to build some-more formidable projects with Raspberry Pis though requiring endless wiring know-how.

There are a series modules including I/O boards, network enlargement boards, and even energy reserve for bigger projects. For example, a plan next has 4 I/O adapters and a energy supply all connected to a Raspberry Pi. This means we can do some unequivocally engaging things with robotics and even hydroponics with a package a distance of a hunk of cheese.

The pack costs $39 for early birds and should boat in June. You’ll be means to buy some-more packages and brew and compare them as necessary.

“We’ve done all of a controllers concordant with a HAT connector on a Raspberry Pi. This lets we module on a Pi and refurbish a controller. Or only use a Atomo as a modular HAT. This is ideal for ROS robots or any complement where we have a Pi for estimate or interface though need some-more power, IO, or genuine time control,” wrote Buford.

I, for one, acquire a Raspberry Pi and Arduino concordant drudge overlords.

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