The Very Best Places to Shop for Jewelry Online

Sure, removing a camber of plain earrings from your beloved or a cheesy attract bracelet from your mom is good and all. But a law is, selling valuables for yourself — with your possess money, on your possess time, and of your possess ambience (sorry, Mom) — is one of a some-more gratifying and lenient selling practice out there.

Since we already know what we like, meaningful where to demeanour is a hardest partial of a hunt, possibly you’re looking for a new bland necklace, a fun matter piece, or you’re prepared to dump a few G’s on something unequivocally special.

That’s because we’ve laid out a few of a favorite places to emporium for valuables online, damaged down by category: matter jewelry, excellent jewelry, ethereal and bland pieces, and a multi-brand sites with a best selections. You’ll find a operation of prices within any list, so possibly your bill is $30 or $3k, there’ll be something for we to check out.

Statement Jewelry

Bold, vast pieces with lots of personality.

Photo: Faris

Cold Picnic: The pattern twin behind Cold Picnic had no prior grave training in valuables creation before starting a line, so many of a quirky, little shapes can be credited to their early improvising. Today, a preference is mostly crafted from clay and enamel, with any square giving off a tradition vibe interjection to a little sum of melded stones and dented steel you’ll see here in a unfolded hoop earrings ($135) and this expel match necklace ($150).

Faris: Designer Faris Du Graf creatively began her valuables line as an examination from her groundwork usually 4 years ago, though thankfully motionless to make a line of unique, geometric designs some-more widely available. The collection has an altogether unifying feel, though any pattern still stands out in a possess right — from these lash-like border steel earrings ($195) to a rest ring that fits like an hourglass sculpture on a wearers finger ($98).

Modern Weaving: The code might be some-more widely famous for a bags, though a graphic, sculptural valuables here is not to be overlooked. With no cost tab surpassing $135, a preference is a brew of high discriminating tender coronet and Nara porcelain pieces (which are possibly palm made or thrown on a potters-wheel), all giving new life to a candelabrum earring with long, interlocking shapes.

Sophie Monet: It’s singular to feel that a valuables code is charity something totally new and different, though this Venice, California-based line is doing usually that. Sophie Monet marries confidant shapes with materials like outlandish wood, changed stones, and metals (sustainable whenever possible). From cuffs and bracelets, to earrings and necklaces, zero here will run we over $200.

Sorelle: Amongst (many) other things, this irritable Brooklyn-based line is famous for a hoop earrings; on a site right now, you’ll find 10 (!) opposite iterations — all personification with proportion, shape, and steel mixing. The preference also spans other classical pieces like matter earrings, engaging rings, and collab bondage — all trimming between $100-$480.

Fine Jewelry

Splurge-worthy pieces meant to last, done from changed materials.

a organisation of bullion jewelry

Photo: Barrio Neal

Anna Sheffield: This line offers a new, choice take on normal and rite valuables (including bridal) while still giving off a undying feel. The collection is crafted with signature styles of churned changed metals, inverted-set diamonds, and plain bullion gemstones. Highlights camber a gamete between uncomplicated, moonstone studs ($850), gorgeous, swooping pendants (like this rainbow moonstone, champagne and white plain necklace, $1,750) — and some unequivocally one-of-a-kind rendezvous rings.

Barneys: While you’ll find a few lower-priced cocktail options from a likes of Pamela Love and Julie Wolfe, many of a preference during this devoted dialect store validate as investment buys. Here, you’ll find a best of a best — consider tourmaline necklaces, handset diamonds, and super changed metals and stones — from tip designers like Judy Geib and Repossi.

Barrio Neal: This Philly-based valuables code usually uses usually reclaimed changed metals, fair-mined gold, ethically sourced stones to make their colorful pieces. Shapes here tend to be normal by with a twist, possibly it’s colored stones clustered in an engaging approach or hoops with an engaging geometric shape, and run from bland (albeit special) pieces to singular rendezvous rings.

Jennifer Fisher: Jennifer Fisher’s namesake line spans a flattering vast preference of neat and sculptural shapes, desirous by all from skater enlightenment to classical architecture. Pieces like this vast base gold-plated slap ($685) or these XL winding base earrings ($395) are primary examples of a line’s airy, close-to-body silhouette.

Monica Vinader: There are a lot of opposite styles to emporium from this British brand, though it’s a preference of excellent valuables that’s unequivocally impressive. Because engineer Monica Vinader mostly uses pavé instead of big, singular diamonds, you’re means to get usually as many flicker as we would from one stone, though a extensive cost tag. (For example, these Circle Stud Earrings, are $450, and this Diamond Hoop Ring is usually $250.)

Monique Peán: Another tolerable excellent valuables brand, Monique Peán usually uses fair-trade, sustainably sourced materials and partners with artisans around a creation to foster normal craftsmanship. Her work is sculptural and mostly art-inspired, possibly it’s ultra-simple and minimalist or totally embellished out in diamonds.

Everyday, Delicate Pieces

The pointed valuables we can simply confederate into your bland habit (or usually never take off).

Photo: Wwake

Bing Bang NYC : This is a good place to batch adult on fun, ethereal pieces — ideal for those who like to mix-and-match via a week. While a line’s Black Label can be labelled adult to $320 (for example, this gemstone set cuff), a Core Collection showcases tons of complicated essentials — consider cutesy studs, ear cuffs, and stacking sets — for mostly underneath $100.

Common Muse: This Singapore-based line has done a lot of sound in a states over a final year or so, and it’s not tough to tell why: The code offers truly classic, minimal pieces with usually adequate of a complicated turn in a form of wider banding, somewhat altered shapes, and plays on proportion. The highlight? The cost point, as all in batch right now hovers underneath $50, like this classical ring set ($39) and this camber of elongated hoop earrings ($42).

Laura Lombardi: If you’re a fan of bullion and coronet jewelry, you’ll substantially find all you’ve ever wanted from this handmade, Brooklyn-based line. Laura Lombardi has come into a bit of what you’d call Instagram celebrity over a final year or so, interjection to a clunky, photogenic Curve earrings ($98) and reworked Ruota hoops ($150). But a tag also creates a lot of understated necklaces, cuffs, and earrings as well.

Still House: Still House brings together a brew of astonishing sum and undying design, with many sculptural, geometric-inspired finds. The cost operation is set flattering wide, with elementary timber earrings starting around $30, though pieces can run adult to over $1k (like this necklace set with an asymmetrical diamond, for $1,425).

WWAKE: On a website, this Brooklyn-based code claims to offer a “new viewpoint on heirloom jewelry,” and WWAKE truly doesn’t disappoint. Opal statements and unique, sculptural pattern are a core of WWAKE’s offerings; a pieces are classic, nonetheless suddenly arranged; dainty, though still container a punch. Prices start $46 for basic, elementary studs, and can soar adult to scarcely $10K for one-of-a-kind plain cuts. Most of a preference falls absolutely in a middle.

Multi-Brand Retailers With Great Selections

The online shops that batch it all, from ethereal bracelets to truly special pieces (including spousal jewelry).

Gold valuables made like tassles and hands

Photo: Benu Made/ Etsy

Broken English: Broken English prides itself on providing a special kind of “laid-back luxury,” that can be reliable with one demeanour during a brand’s capricious Instagram, filled with colored stones and complicated pendants. Here, we can emporium distinguished collections from a likes of Kathleen Whitiker and Melissa Joy Manning, and you’ll even find a flattering healthy preference of selected pieces, too.

Catbird: Highlights here — and there are a lot — embody a outrageous personalized territory with options trimming from a honeyed and elementary initial heart necklace for $98, to this heirloom-like signature ring by Elisa Solomon for $1,260. The emporium offers copiousness of low-priced favorites as well, including this single ear stud by Jack + G for $44, or this rose bullion beaded bracelet for $46.

Etsy: If you’re awaiting arts-and-crafts character work from hobbyists, consider again — Etsy offers so many more. We recently highlighted some of a favorite Etsy shops for jewelry, that operation from cool, matter selected pieces during Persephone Vintage to tiny, affordable rings and necklaces during By Lía.

Editorialist: From corpulent Marni chokers to ethereal Hirotaka earrings, this multi-brand site has curated a list of in-demand designers in a flattering far-reaching operation of prices; we can find pieces for around $200 as simply as we can find other labelled around $12k.

Local Eclectic: This Chicago-based valuables marketplace launched with dual goals in mind — to find fresh, untapped talent, and to make unique, excellent valuables permitted — and in usually 4 years, Local Eclectic has achieved both. The code highlights gifted indie designers operative with all from diamonds and 14K bullion to changed and semi-precious gemstones, so you’ll find unequivocally special pieces in a far-reaching cost range, like this Opal ring ($335) and this tender clear and pyrite slap by Dea Dia ($52).

No.3: If you’re acid for a accumulation of cost points, this San Francisco-based association is another good option. The code has we lonesome for all your inexpensive, indie favorites like Bing Bang NYC, mid-range stops like Lady Grey, and those higher-end investment pieces including this intense, black plain pavé set ring from Bliss Lau ($2,400).

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