This Jewelry Brand Is Making Fine Jewelry a Whole Lot More Fun

Los Angeles-based valuables code The Last Line launched this past Jul with a idea of being a final place you’d ever have to demeanour for jewelry, notwithstanding starting out with usually earrings (but, like, a lot of earrings).

Today a code is fluctuating a offerings to embody necklaces, bracelets, and rings for a initial time. They’re all partial of a new tennis collection that facilities colorful gemstones and speaks to engineer Shelley Sanders’s idea of creation a “perfect chronicle of undying pieces.”

A debate picture from The Last Line

A debate picture from The Last Line

Much like The Last Line’s debut range, this collection takes a boredom out of classical excellent valuables (yes, including a tennis bracelet) and creates it all feel unequivocally fun and unpretentious. There’s a rainbow-like tone scheme unchanging via only about each difficulty interjection to a brew of diamonds, brightly colored gemstones, and a array of singular pairings with hand-cut pyramid stones (like turquoise with ruby or lapis with emerald). They’re really most a kind of pieces we keep perpetually and pass down from era to generation, though could also wear each day.

The collection varies flattering significantly in price; it starts during $188 for certain bracelet styles and goes all a approach adult by $21,043 for some-more involved rings. While a latter competence seem (really!) steep, a far-reaching operation is an interest to both those who dump several Gs on a unchanging and those who competence be considering investing in a “forever” valuables square for a initial time.

You can perspective and emporium a full collection now directly from (or only dump a couple to whoever is giving we a benefaction this holiday season, whatever works).

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