Venezuela: Italy fashion executive’s plane found

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The of a plane that disappeared off Venezuela with the CEO of Italy’s iconic Missoni and five other people on board has been found, government officials and family members said Thursday.

, press chief for Venezuela’s Interior and , said via Twitter that the aircraft has the tail number YV2615 and went . 4.

The ID and date correspond to the plane that disappeared over open water near the Los Roques archipelago while carrying 58-year-old Vittorio Missoni; his , Maurizia Castiglioni; two of their , and two Venezuelan crew members.

A month later, two pieces of luggage from the plane washed up on the of Bonaire.

Italy’s Foreign Ministry said that the plane was found at a depth of 230 feet and had broken into pieces, but that there was certainty it was the Missoni plane because the tail number was legible.

Missoni’s family in Italy issued a statement thanking both governments for their support and expressing confidence that an investigation will determine what caused the crash.

“The possible recovery of the aircraft is being evaluated at this moment in Venezuela, ” the statement said.

It added that the plane was identified on the of a search thanks to the oceanographic technology of a U.S. ship.

Last week, announced that they had found the undersea wreckage of another small plane missing since 2008 near Los Roques.

That discovery was made with the help of a U.S. boat that was also going to search for Missoni’s plane in the same area.

The Missoni has continued to show new collections, including menswear summer 2014 over the weekend in Milan as it marks its 60th anniversary, but it has been far from a celebratory year.

Since Missoni’s disappearance, his father, Ottavio Missoni, the family-run company’s patriarch, died.

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