Wal-Mart’s Electronics Problem: Where are a Hot New Gadgets?


By Shelly Banjo and Drew FitzGerald

Wal-Martsays a business need some .

The world’s biggest tradesman on Thursday blamed a disappointing second-quarter sales results in partial on a disaster of wiring makers to shake out new record and some-more sparkling gadgets.

“Consumers will spend, though we have to give them a good reason to spend,” Chief Financial Officer Charles said.

After a prolonged run of hits, there hasn’t been a lot of creation in electronics, and have been delayed, he said. That’s a problem for Wal-Mart. Entertainment accounts for 11% of a $274.5 billion in U.S. net sales.

“When it’s down, it affects us,” Mr. Holley said.

The chain’s party sales during stores open during slightest a year fell by mid-single-digit percentages in a second quarter, as prices fell, shoppers focused on necessities and wiring valid uncompelling. Another blow came from radio sales, where Wal-Mart pronounced it mislaid marketplace share for a 3 months finale Jun 30.

The one splendid mark was in a . Wal-Mart has turn a largest handset retailer.

Wal-Mart isn’t alone stating weaker sales of big-ticket equipment like televisions and personal computers. Retail sales during wiring stores so distant this year have declined 0.2% from a same duration a year before, according to a . Revenue during . and Corp. has suffered for most of a past year, as sales of essential accessories like cords and destroy to keep gait with direct for lower-margin inclination like smartphones.

have also slumped. Sales of videogames and a inclination that run them typically finish off in a years after manufacturers recover a new console. The opening between updates has been generally long. The final large  wave of products strike in 2005 and 2006. Stores won’t lift .’s PlayStation 4 or a new Xbox console from Microsoft Corp. until after this year. And Nintendo Co.’s Wii U, launched in late 2012, hasn’t held on with consumers.

Article source: http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2013/08/15/wal-marts-electronics-problem-where-are-the-hot-new-gadgets/

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