Wanderlust, heirlooms inspires Greenwich valuables designer

  • Asha engineer and owners Ashley McCormick shows her ring and earrings. Photo: Tyler Sizemore / Hearst Connecticut Media / Greenwich Time



Wanderlust, that whinging enterprise for transport and adventure, serves as a defining evil of one of Greenwich Avenue’s newest appendage boutiques.

The Asha Penthouse, as a loft-like valuables store has been named by owners Ashley McCormick, done a jump onto Greenwich Avenue during a finish of 2016. Since opening a second-floor storefront during a reduce finish of a selling strip, McCormick has been operative to ramp adult a series of events there and scheming for her initial children’s valuables line, called “Little Asha.”

McCormick is a Greenwich local with a prolonged business participation in town, though a Asha Penthouse acts as a some-more manifest space than her prior offices. In her new store, she wants to “disrupt a normal selling knowledge with a open-floor plan.” Customers are forsaken into a heart of a company’s Greenwich business operations as a opening opens into her team’s office.

“We wish business to see a engine and bound onto a tour with us,” McCormick said.

A coffee and tea bar invites clients to dawdle while browsing a “jewel box,” located during a core of a store, that showcases Asha’s countless collections, that underline pieces desirous by McCormick’s endless travels.

“There is fundamental wanderlust in a collections,” she said, indicating out bracelets mimicking vines in Tuscany and matter necklaces featuring architectural motifs from around a world.

In further to tender crystals, topaz and assorted changed stones, many pieces use a McCormick, mom of pearl, and a many distinguished informative influences are European and Moorish, McCormick said, adding all can be churned and matched.

Another defining component to McCormick’s collections is how she hopes to qualification undying valuables that will one day be deliberate family heirlooms. That enterprise stems from how her possess family has done most of Asha’s expansion — with a brand’s monicker a nickname her Cuban grandparents gave her and a arriving Little Asha collection featuring selling photos of McCormick with her daughter.

Clients mostly ask equipment they can present to their children, McCormick said, and she has always desired a judgment of flitting down valuables by a family. Little Asha is designed to launch in April, in allege of Mother’s Day.

The Asha code is 12 years old, dating to McCormick’s comparison year during Georgetown University, when she landed her initial large comment with Calypso. Somewhat by accident, McCormick wound adult majoring in art story and complicated abroad in places such as Florence and Paris. Through another possibility occurrence, McCormick met with Chanel’s executive of accessories and valuables while abroad, who, she said, introduced her to a goldsmith who was vicious in removing her code launched.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur, though before then, I’d only done valuables as a hobby,” McCormick said.

Now, Asha is carried in around 80 boutiques and McCormick anticipates broadening a strech of her code by a Asha Penthouse and hosting events.

For some-more information about a code or for a report of events, revisit Asha’s website during www.ashabyadm.com. Asha’s Greenwich Avenue store is open Monday by Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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