WATCH: Joey Gallo hits home run so distant his Rangers teammates can’t trust it

Rangers 23-year-old infielder Joey Gallo entered Tuesday night’s diversion batting only .197. However, he also entered Tuesday night’s diversion with a .512 slugging commission and 25 homers in 95 games. That is to say, he’s not a hazard to win a batting title, though immature Gallo is indeed a hazard to win a home run title. 

He hits a lot of home runs, yes, and he also hits them utterly far. “Light-tower power” is what they contend about guys like Gallo. For a soaring instance of his energy capabilities, greatfully declare what he did to a cowhide universe opposite a Mariners on Tuesday night … 

Yes, Elvis Andrus, we too are vacant by what we have witnessed. You see a lot of balls land on a weed over core in Arlington, though over a grass? That doesn’t occur often. Digits stirring … 

Joey Gallo, fount of amazement. 

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