Women assistance others save with coupons

The dual are handling a banking method during a Parkersburg church, 2900 Camden Ave., that began about 4 years ago and has grown in new years.

Langler, who helped to start a banking ministry, pronounced families tell her how most income they have saved by a church program.

People ask Langler if she can assistance them cut their costs by providing certain money-saving coupons, that arrive in newspapers, by mail and online. The church family is beholden for a help, she said.

Coupons are supposing for roughly any product or service, including hair cuts, automobile repairs and makeup, imaginable.

“It’s a really, unequivocally good ministry; it helps a lot of people,” Langler said.

“We tell people don’t chuck divided coupons … someone competence need them,” she said.

People move their new coupons to Langler and Farris for placement to others.

Popular banking equipment among a Camden Avenue Church of Christ assemblage are toilet paper and tissues, toothpaste, food, Pampers, pizza, cereal, cheese and restaurants, Farris said.

Surveys were finished during a church to establish a coupons people want.

About 65 families demeanour brazen to receiving a coupons during a Camden Avenue church, Farris said.

Coupons also are supposing to dual amicable use agencies to discharge and place in a lobbies of dual doctors’ offices for people to collect up, Farris said.

“We will run opposite people who wish some coupons,” Farris said. “We will try to assistance them.”

Every other Thursday Langler and Farris accommodate to arrange by a coupons, cut them out and place tags on a equipment requested by church members.

“The following Sunday we give them to people after a church service,” Farris said.

Langler also calls people to tell them where food bargains can be found in newspapers and fliers.

Farris remarkable that a banking module has “progressed,” and that people wish coupons.

Farris and Langler pronounced they suffer assisting people by a banking ministry.

“It is a small thing we can do to assistance a church family save money,” Farris said.

John Life, an elder during Camden Avenue Church of Christ, pronounced a banking method is good for a church.

“It saves families dollars,” he said. “They do good work.”

Life remarkable that Farris and Langler demeanour for a coupons that members of a church pronounced they would use. The dual women shave a coupons and pass them out during a church, he said.

The banking method grew out of a enterprise to assistance new mothers squeeze baby equipment regulating coupons, Life said.

John Rockhold, a member of Camden Avenue Church of Christ, has upheld a thought of assisting others by banking sharing.

If he has a banking for a product he does not need, Rockhold pronounced he wants that banking to go to someone or a family that needs it.

For example, immature couples can use coupons for disposable diapers, something he hasn’t indispensable for a while, Rockhold said, laughing.

Coupon pity is a “simple judgment that any organisation can use,” Rockhold said. Coupons assistance people widen their shopping power, he said, adding that a church module is a merciful approach to assistance someone.

Through their surveys, Farris and Langler know what products people wish and need, Rockhold said. This allows a dual women to get a equipment to people faster, he said.

Farris pronounced other churches wanting to start a coupon-sharing module can hit her during 304-428-3610. People carrying additional coupons, that save income on equipment or get them for free, they don’t wish can dump them off during a Veterans Museum of a Mid-Ohio Valley, 1829 Seventh St. in Parkersburg, for use during a Camden Avenue Church of Christ, Farris said.


Tom Azinger asked that we remind people about a subsequent assembly of a McFriends Fellowship Group.

When a Christian men’s brotherhood organisation meets during 9 a.m. Mar 15 during Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1710 23rd St. in Parkersburg, it will be a 200th assembly of a classification given 1997.

The McFriends Fellowship Group has lifted $154,745 in “Jesus Dollars” during this time with deduction going to a churches that horde a meetings. The churches, in turn, use this income for church projects.

The meetings are open to everyone.

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