Written by Cyrus Langhorne

News: Involved In Club Brawl: “I Had ALL My Pre-Fight Post-Fight” [Video]

Sunday, Jun 16, 2013 1:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

-winning rapper Ludacris apparently still knows how to chuck them ‘bows after anticipating himself being a plant to a bar quarrel over a weekend.

While footage has only now done it online, a occurrence reportedly took place Friday () night in Atlanta.

Ludacris was concerned in a quarrel final night during Atlanta’s new night mark PrivĂ© where he was merrymaking with partner Eudoxie and other friends. Luda was apparently enjoying a night when a male pounded him with a bottle from no where. He concurred and joked about a occurrence after on as it really appears like conjunction of them suffered any critical injuries. (HHNM)

Luda even hopped onto his Twitter page to residence a post-fight conjecture with humorous and a few .

“My Got strike in a conduct w/ a Bottle Last Night! #Helluvanight https://vine.co/v/hBZ2PWP6jzl,” he tweeted Jun 15th.

“Eudoxie gets strike in a conduct w/ a bottle final night during a club!! #Helluvanight #nowthatsludicrous https://vine.co/v/hBZ3Vdn6ZVb”

“Some pointless got strike w/ a bottle final night during a club!! #Helluvanight #nowthatsludicrous https://vine.co/v/hBmaZdv7Hw0″

“Shouts to iceboxjewelry. we had ALL my valuables pre-fight post-fight. #helluvanight” (Ludacris’ Twitter)

The rapper also released a few photos of his whole conduct to infer he did not means any critical injuries.

“This is what a bottle to a conduct looks like. #sofreshandsoclean #helluvanight #onlybottlespoppedwasconjure #nowthatsludicrous,” Luda posted onto Instagram Jun 15th. (Ludacris’ Instagram)

Check out footage of a bar brawl:

Article source: http://www.sohh.com/2013/06/ludacris_involved_in_club_fight_i_had_al.html

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